About the Committee

National Lithuanian Committee of Historians is a member of The International Committee of Historical Sciences (ICHS)

The Committee is composed from the representatives of the most important Lithuanian institutions which are doing research in history.

The main aims of the Committee are:

1) The representation of Lithuanian historical sciences in the world (for this reason the Committee creates and maintains its website; it encourages Lithuanian historians to participate in international academic events);

2) The improvement of opportunities for academic historians to participate in the public life of the Lithuanian State, to co-operate with the state and public institutions (for example: as Committee member(s) participating in decision-making progresses about issues concerning the science and study of history, when they are discussed in the Council of Science of Lithuania, the Ministry of Education and Science and other state institutions);

3) The adaptation of international standards of professional ethics by Lithuanian historians.

The Committee has organized the first Congress of Lithuanian Historians (2005). The Second Congress is planned for the year 2009.