Kviečiame dalyvauti projekte “Copernicus Graduate School“

Mikalojaus Konstatino Universiteto Tarptautinių ir Politikos mokslų fakultetas, kartu su partneriais iš Čekijos Respublikos, Vengrijos ir Vokietijos Federacinės Respublikos, kviečia dalyvauti tarptautiniame projekte “Copernicus Graduate School“. Daugiau informacijos anglų kalba.

The Faculty of Political Sciences and International Studies of the  Nicolas Copernicus University, together with Czech, Hungarian and  
German partners realizes the innovative, interdisciplinary and International project Copernicus Graduate School.

Copernicus Graduate School (CGS) is a mobile international network of  young scientists, who work on a research subject in order to be  awarded with PhD degree. Internationally acknowledged scientists, who  are members of the school as its fellows, are responsible for the  graduates. They carry out a structured doctorate programme consisting  of conferences, summer schools and seminars.

The goal of the Copernicus Graduate School is the implementation of  double support of the PhD candidates at the international level  (cotutelle process). It should improve the chances for academic  careers by common research, education and communication.

We would like to invite all PhD students to apply for permanent  membership in the Copernicus Graduate School. Please find a Call for  Applications leaflet and application form enclosed with this letter.

You can find all the important information on our website: www.cgs.umk.pl.

The events of the CGS are financially supported by the Foundation for  German-Polish Cooperation.

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